He Looks At Me And Smiles – 10 Surprising Reasons

So a hot guy has just smiled at you. Is this a good sign? The truth is, it can be tough to tell. It often comes down to context and social situations.

Here are ten possible answers to the question…

What does it mean when he looks at me and smiles?

1. He likes you

He Looks At Me And Smiles
He’s got one thing on his mind…

Congratulations, he likes you! Most men struggle to hide how they’re truly feeling at any given moment. And this is especially true when a man is attracted to you.

If he smiles when he looks at you and makes eye contact for a bit longer than usual, it’s a definite sign that this guy has feelings for you. And maybe he’s liked you for a long time.

Men only smile at three things:

  1. Jägermeister
  2. Puppies
  3. Girls

So if he’s smiling when he looks at you, HE LIKES YOU.

Bonus: He might even be interacting with your social media more.

2. He’s working up the courage to talk to you

He REALLY wants to make a good impression.

Most guys are nervous around girls they’re attracted to. So if he’s smiling at you from across the room and then looks away, he’s working up the courage to make the first move.

Not all guys are comfortable walking up to you and striking up a conversation. Guys are horrible at small talk and even worse at flirting.

So when a guy makes a warm smile at you and looks away, he likes you. He’s working up the courage to come and speak to you for the first time (hopefully not the last time).

3. He’s being friendly

We smile to show others we’re not a threat, and we smile to communicate that we’re open to being friendly with others. Simply put, smiling is how humans communicate friendliness.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell what a guy means when he smiles, but you can almost always count on the fact that his smile will AT LEAST indicate that he’s friendly.

You’ll need to weigh this “big smile” with the other signs of attraction to determine how he’s really feeling about you.

4. He’s picturing you naked

As a guy, I promise you that every single one of your guy friends has pictured you naked at one time or another.

Signs Your Male Friend Has Feelings For You
We ALL do this.

Guys DO do this. We are constantly picturing our female friends naked. TBH, we also imagine what it’d be like to hook up with you. Maybe we give your body too much attention, lol.

So if your eyes meet and his eyes drift down a bit and then back up, chances are he’s got one thing on his mind. You. This is a clear sign when a guy stares at you.

It’s part of human nature (and the nature of sexual attraction in general) to be attracted to someone’s physical appearance.

It’s also perfectly natural to imagine what it’d be like to be intimate with that person.

5. He’s nervous or anxious

While he very well might be working up the courage to come to speak to you, he might also be a little bit too nervous to seal the deal. Social anxiety is a real thing, folks.

If you guys share smiles and make eye contact, and that’s it, this means he’s too nervous about making the approach.

Has this ever happened to you? “If he looks at me, then I look at him, then he smiles …”

If this happens, it’s a STRONG indicator that this guy is attracted to you. Walk up to him. Get what you want.

6. It means nothing

The reality is, him smiling at you could mean absolutely nothing. He might be thinking about something else entirely.

  • Maybe he’s thinking about something funny his friend told him.
  • Maybe he smells the scent wafting from the hotdog vendor a block away.
  • Maybe he’s smiling because he can smell your perfume from across the street.

LIFE CHANGING WISDOM: Human beings are meaning-making machines. Stuff means nothing other than the meaning you attach to it—even the little things.

“We attribute meaning (both good and bad) to everything in our lives, and we can’t help it. Just like a machine, this is what we do.”

Psychologist Jen Kim

To really know if his smile is a sign of attraction, you need to consider other body language signs. You can check out the “additional signs of attraction” section of this blog post.

7. He’s being submissive

Men’s expressions are simpler than women’s and are typically used to avoid conflict or establish dominance. You see this everywhere in nature.

  • Women smile at babies to signal they’re not a threat.
  • Hyenas smile at the alpha male to show their status in the pack.
  • Men smile at women to show they’re submissive.

Dating coaches preach to men that smiling more will make them more attractive. And while this is true in the short term, the opposite is true in the long term.

If a man smiles non-stop, he’ll be seen as weak and submissive.

He’s smiling at you to show you that you’ve got nothing to worry about with him, and he’s not going to try to flirt with you. He also may just be a shy guy.

8. He sees you as a friend

He Looks At Me And Smiles
Cassidy, I just LOVE…..rock walls.

If there’s no sexual tension between you guys, and you’re not picking up on any other vibes from him, he sees you as a friend and possibly a best friend. Ask yourself the following:

  • How long have you guys known each other?
  • Have you been friendly with each other for a while?
  • Do you run into each other at parties?
  • What kinds of vibes does he give off?
  • Would you call him a friend?

Friends smile at each other. It’s normal. Now if he smiles, bites his lips, and raises his eyebrows…girl… this guy WANTS YOU.

9. He’s window shopping

What does it mean when a guy smiles at you when he sees you? Of course, the most obvious answer is that he likes you. But he also might just be window shopping.

Think of it this way:

When you see a nice dress on SHEIN, it’s gratifying to look at, and you begin to think about how you’d look in it. Where would you wear it?

If you saw potential, you would go in the shop, touch it, look at the price, and maybe even try it on.

A guy makes intense eye contact with you, and smiling means he’s window shopping. The difference is you are alive, and you can respond to his smile.

10. He’s just saying “hi”

“Tell me you’re saying hi, without telling me you’re saying hi.” That TikTok trend will never get old.

He’s saying “hi” with his eyes and smile rather than his mouth. (wouldn’t mind if he said hi with his mouth tho).

It’s a friendly greeting.

He’s acknowledging you by smiling at you. But, of course, men will do this, and it’s not necessarily a sign of attraction. It’s just one of the normal facial expressions.

In conclusion, sometimes, when a man smiles at you, he’s just being polite and is saying “hi” with his smile.

Additional attraction signals:

The list above highlights possible things he means when he smiles at you. But, of course, it’s hard to know based on a smile alone about his true feelings.

So you’ll need to consider the following signs of attraction.

  • Strong body language signals
  • He’s in your personal space
  • Strong eye contact with you
  • Feet are pointing towards yours
  • Mirrors your body language
  • Hard time when you talk to other guys
  • Stands close to you when talking
  • Speaks only to you when you’re in a group
  • Finds reasons to touch you
  • Asks your friends about you
  • Makes prolonged, deep eye contact
  • Talks in a deeper tone of voice

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What does it mean if a guy smiles at you and raises his eyebrows at the same time?

This is the ultimate combo and is a surefire sign of attraction. It means you amuse him. You’ve done something extremely attractive.

Keep an eye out for this look on his face. It’s a not so subtle sign that he likes you.

What does it mean if a guy Friend smiles and bites his lip?

There are three distinct possibilities here:

  1. He’s trying to be sexy by doing the lip-bite thing
  2. He’s nervous
  3. He’s looking for a good time

Either way, this guy is smiling at you, so it means something, and is a great sign of interest!

What does it mean if a guy gives you the side-eye?

You know the Side Eye. If a guy is sneaking glances at you out of the corner of his eye, and you keep catching him, he likes you!

He catches you catching HIM.

He smiles at you.

You smile back. It’s a good look. And this is a good thing!

Congrats, he likes you. Now do something about it!

What does it mean if a guy smirks at you?

Smirking is a great way to know if this guy likes you. But there’s a big difference between a smile and a smirk.

A smirk is more flirty–it has more emotion behind it. When a guy smirks at you, you’ve done something that amuses him.

And it’s a good way to gauge his interest!


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