59 Insanely Creative Pregnancy Announcement to Husband Ideas

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Congratulations, you’re pregnant! And now what you need are some creative pregnancy announcement ideas. Specifically, creative ways to tell your husband. It doesn’t matter if this is your first baby or your 10th; this list of 59 insanely creative pregnancy announcement to husband ideas will give you all the inspiration you need.

Here are 59 creative pregnancy announcement to husband ideas:

1. “A Bun in the Oven” Pregnancy Reveal

A Bun in the Oven pregnancy reveal
The Good News Company | Etsy | $7.00

What a fun way to share the big news! These adorable little buns (non-edible) come in a small craft paper box. The top inner flap reads “Bun In The Oven.” You can include a personalized note to your husband as well! These also come as ornaments, so if you want to tell him on Christmas morning, this is a perfect way.

2. “Egg Hunt Champion” T-Shirt

Surprise your husband by wearing this clever Egg Hunt Champion t-shirt. It’s a hilarious way to break the news that he’s going to be a new father.

pregnancy announcement to husband ideas
PencilAttack | Etsy | $14.98

While this particular shirt is Easter-themed, there are plenty of other pregnancy announcement tees on Etsy with similar sayings and different designs.

3. Clear a Shelf for Your New Baby

This idea costs you nothing and is one of the creative ways to share the exciting news with your husband. Here’s what to do: Find a shelf in your bedroom where you and your husband keep your personal items or clothes. Clear out a small, obvious spot, and when he asks you why it’s empty, you can break the wonderful news to him!

4. Personalized New Dad Survival Kit

As a new father myself, this Personalized New Dad Survival Kit would have been a hilarious (and much needed) gift to receive. And it’s a delightful way to tell your husband that you’re expecting.

Personalized New Dad Survival Kit
HiButterscotchStudio | Etsy | $49

As a first-time father, there was so much I didn’t know. And while I believe that we learn as we go, this would have definitely prepared me for the first few months following my wife’s first pregnancy.

5. Personalized “Dad” Engraved Whiskey Glass

If your husband is a whiskey lover, these personalized rocks glasses are a perfect way to tell him the great news. Next time he asks for a drink, use this glass and watch the look on his face!

Personalized "Dad" Engraved Whiskey Glass
MaddieandCoGifts | Etsy | $14.33

He’s probably going to ask for a refill! You can have this personal message engraved on both sides of the whiskey glass as well.

6. “We’re Pregnant” Hidden Message Coffee Mugs

Your husband might need something a bit stronger after finishing his first cup of morning coffee in this new mug!

"We're Pregnant" Hidden Message Coffee Mugs
PrettyCreativeMama | Etsy | $14.50

This hidden message coffee mug has the words “We’re Pregnant” stamped on the inside bottom of the mug and is a delightful way to surprise your husband.

7. Personalized Funny New Dad Candle

This hilarious candle reads, “Your pullout game is weak AF.” There’s also room for you to add your own personalized message in addition to the main message.

Personalized Funny New Dad Candle
BoldCoastCandleCo | Etsy | $12 +

This candle comes in multiple manly scents to choose from, such as Sea Salt & Orchid or White Tea & Ginger, and is available in 3 different sizes.

8. “You’re Going To Be a Daddy” Engraved Spoon

These stainless steel, high-quality spoons are engraved with the message “You’re Going To Be A Daddy,” along with a small heart underneath. These come perfectly polished and in a nice gift box. These personalized new dad spoons have RAVE reviews on Etsy.

"You're Going To Be a Daddy" Engraved Spoon
cornercraftshop | Etsy | $14.95

Rather than handing it to your husband as a gift, I’d suggest slipping it into his next bowl of cereal or ice cream (or beans–let’s be real) and wait for his reaction.

9. Personalized Message in a Bottle

This is an incredibly romantic and special way to tell your husband that he’s going to be a daddy. The Message in a Bottle Pregnancy Announcement is guaranteed to be an unforgettable moment for the soon-to-be dad. You can personalize the note to say anything you want, but “You’re going to be a Dad” makes a lot of sense. This bottle comes adorned with baby-themed decorative charms on the top.

Personalized Message in a Bottle
MessageInABottleStor | Etsy | $35

10. Spell It Out With Scrabble

Spell it out with Scrabble

Next time you guys are sitting down for a game night, make sure you’ve already stashed the Scrabble tiles that you need to spell “IM PREGNANT.” Try to get a triple word score, so you get something out of it too.

11. Funny Pregnancy Reveal Card

Sometimes the simplest, tried and true methods are the best. That’s right, cards.

Funny pregnancy reveal card
InANutshellStudio | Etsy | $4.70

A funny, memorable card with the good news written inside is a classic. We like to write heartfelt, important messages in cards, right? Nothing is more important than this! Etsy has loads of funny pregnancy announcement cards that you can print from home or have shipped to you.

12. Big Sibling Shirt

This Etsy store sells both “big sister tees” and “big brother t-shirts.” If this new pregnancy marks baby number 2 or even 3, surprise your husband by bringing your kids in on the fun! Dress them in these big sibling t-shirts and have them run out and jump on him on the couch! A great idea for the soon-to-be big brother or big sister.

Big Sibling Shirt
ComebackKidsApparel | Etsy | $14.97

13. Scavenger Hunt

Everyone loves scavenger hunts. He’ll know something is afoot when he finds the first clue! Be sure to leave the clues in places that he frequents, like his toolbox, his fishing equipment, or in the glovebox of that car he’s restoring in the garage. This is a great way to surprise your husband with your pregnancy news. Be creative with the clues!

14. Personalized Fortune Cookie

This store on Etsy lets you write a personalized, sweet message and include it in a fortune cookie. This “I’m pregnant” fortune cookie comes with a white gift box if you’d like to wrap it. Better idea: order Chinese takeout and replace the default fortune cookie with this personalized one.

Personalized Fortune Cookie
JazzyAppleGal | Etsy | $5.99

15. A Piggy Bank for New Baby Fund

This piggy bank can be personalized to say, “Baby [insert last name] Due [enter date].” Leave this on his nightstand in your bedroom and wait till he notices!

A Piggy Bank for New Baby Fund
VioletandEmily | Etsy | $14.57

16. Add a “Baby” Netflix Account

This is honestly my favorite item on this whole list. How clever! Add an account to your Netflix log-in page and name it either “I’m Pregnant” or “New Baby.” Your husband will lose his mind!

17. New Daddy Gift Box

The New Daddy Gift Box is the perfect gift for the father-to-be! This gift box includes a #DadLife travel coffee tumbler, the Baby Owner’s Manual, “Hello My New Name is Daddy” socks, “Dad Jokes” by Joe Kerz, and Nivea hand cream (lol). You can even select “Dad Plaid” wrapping paper at checkout!

New Daddy Gift Box
AlphaZuluBaby | Etsy | $64.99

18. Personalized Sports Team Baby Onesie

Is the dad to be a big sports fan? What better way to tell him he’s going to be a new dad by getting this personalized infant-sized sports jersey! Etsy offers many sports teams to choose from. Personalize this romper with your last name and the two digits of the year you’re expecting, and boom–you’ve hit it out of the park on this sports-themed pregnancy announcement idea.

Personalized sports team baby onesie
TiffsCustomApparel | Etsy | $24

19. Pregnancy Announcement Box with Booties

This hand-knit pair of baby shoes are available in blue, pink, or even white (since you may not know the baby’s gender at this point). You can include a personalized message and even get a gift box at checkout.

Pregnancy Announcement Box with Booties
NorthwoodsCabinBaby | Etsy | $21

20. Propose to Him, “Will You Be My Baby Daddy?”

This is possibly the most fun idea on the list. Get down on one knee and literally say to him, “Will you be my baby daddy?” And then slip this $15 ring on his finger. This idea is guaranteed to melt even the toughest man’s heart (or make him crack up).

Engraved "Dad" Ring
PersonalizedGiftsUSA | Etsy | $14.95

21. Pregnancy Announcement Wooden Box

This surprise pregnancy announcement wooden gift box is fully customizable! You can customize the month, date, and year. Once this arrives, insert an image of your ultrasound on the right side.

Pregnancy Announcement Wooden Box
KeepMemory | Etsy | $18.00

22. Flowers and a Poem

Flowers and a poem are classic romantic gestures. Pick up a bouquet (or a small potted plant) at your local grocery store along with a card. On the card, write this poem:

“Roses are red, my husband is rad, and guess what, babe? You’re gonna be a Dad.”

This is a truly memorable way to tell him because men rarely, if ever, get flowers. We love getting flowers.

23. Photoshoot With a Surprise Chalkboard Message

Tell your husband that you want to get updated “couples photos” of the two of you. Book a photographer and make sure the photographer is in on the surprise. Have the chalkboard message pre-written and hide it within arm’s length before the shoot. When the photographer gives you the cue, grab the chalkboard and hold it up. Your husband will be so surprised!

24. Custom Message Inside a Real Egg

This idea is so cool! This gold-painted real egg with your custom message inside is a unique and creative pregnancy announcement idea! Place this golden egg in the egg container in the fridge and wait for your husband to find it. Tell him to break it open. Wait to see the look on his face when he reads the special news.

Custom message inside a real egg
themadhatcherydotcom | Etsy | $11.99 +

25. Hide the Pregnancy Test

This is a classic way to tell your husband you’re pregnant. Does your husband always grab a beer when he gets home from work? Tape the pregnancy test to a beer bottle. Simple as that. (Make sure you’re there when he finds it). You can even write “Surprise!” on the pregnancy test handle.

26. Leave the Pregnancy Test in Plain View

This is also a classic and easy way to let your husband know he’s going to be a new dad. The least creative on the list but still incredibly effective, lol. Leave the positive pregnancy test in an obvious spot in the house. When he sees it, he’ll lose his mind!

27. Personalized New Dad Puzzle

This personalized puzzle is a great way to surprise your gamer husband. It’s not the most difficult puzzle in the world, so it shouldn’t take him too long to get the message. Alternatively, if you have a small family already, you can get everyone in on the fun! Surprise your husband AND kids with the news of your pregnancy.

Personalized pregnancy announcement Puzzle
GiftTrolls | Etsy | $12.50 +

28. Order a Diaper Delivery

Order a diaper delivery from Amazon or Target and have it addressed to your husband. Make sure you’re home when he gets it. This is one of the really funny pregnancy announcement ideas out there. I’m jealous I didn’t think of this one.

29. Prepare a Baby-Themed Dinner for Him

What is a baby-themed meal? Tell your husband you’re going to cook a special meal for him. Make all the dishes pureed fruit and vegetables. When he comes to sit down for dinner, you can try spoon-feeding him while making airplane noises. At first, he’ll wonder if you’re off your meds, but he’ll soon get the picture!

30. Customizable Baby Announcement 3D Card

These hand-crafted, personalized, “Message in a Box” 3D pregnancy announcement cards are such a creative and beautiful idea! This is a keepsake your husband will treasure forever.

30. Customizable Baby Announcement 3D Card
WishingStarByCris | Etsy | $17.57

31. Personalized “Under Construction” Door Handle Hanger

There’s a room in the house you’ve always wanted to turn into a nursery. And now you can! Hang this sign on the door handle and wait for your husband to notice. This Etsy store also sells full-sized “Under Construction” signs you can stick to the door itself for a less subtle touch.

Personalized "Under Construction" Door Handle Hanger
CapturedInAGift | Etsy | $20.88

32. Temporary “Coming Soon” Belly Tattoos

Many expecting mothers will have a friend write “Baby Smith arriving in 9 months” on their belly for them. But this can get messy! These temporary “Coming Soon” tattoos are an easy alternative that you can apply yourself.

Temporary "Coming Soon" Belly Tattoos
AMKDesignsShop | Etsy | $15.00

33. Personalized 6-Pack of Beer

These personalized beer bottle labels and cardboard holders are among the most clever ways to tell your husband you’re pregnant! The labels are super easy to apply on top of existing beer bottles. The cardboard carrier can also be personalized! Replace his 6 pack of Bud Light with this 6 pack of new daddy beer and watch the surprise unfold!

Personalized 6-Pack of Beer
Boxly | Etsy | $13.99

34. Personalized “Daddy To Be” Wine Bottle Label

Is your husband is a sophisticated whino? I know I am. Rose’ all day, baby. Order one of these personalized wine labels a few days in advance. Plan a really nice meal. Steak, asparagus, and mashed potatoes. When it comes time to pour the wine, ask your husband to do the favor. And wait until he reads this customized “Daddy to Be” wine label!

Personalized "Daddy to Be" Wine Bottle Label
DrunkInTheHouse | Etsy | $6.50

35. Scratch-Off Ticket Pregnancy Reveal

This scratch-off lotto ticket pregnancy reveal is so clever! The best way to use these is to buy a handful of scratch-offs from your local 7-11 and slip this one into the mix. He’ll be going along, scratching away, and when he sees that his prize is “Guess What…We Are Having a Baby!” He’ll lose his ever-loving mind. So good!

Scratch-off ticket pregnancy reveal
CozyBump | Etsy | $13.99

36. Box of Chocolates Pregnancy Announcement

What a sweet idea! Guys like getting chocolates too. This box of chocolates spells out a few different options. Choose anything from “I’m pregnant” to “Daddy To Be + Date.”

Box of Chocolates Pregnancy Announcement
DiamondChocolates | Etsy | $37.99

37. Engraved “New Fishing Buddy” Fishing Lure

Is your husband an avid fisherman or outdoorsman? Get him this affordable, meaningful, and useful pregnancy announcement gift. This personalized, engraved fishing lure is such a great idea! This is a special gift that can be passed down as a family heirloom to your new baby once he or she is old enough.

Engraved "New Fishing Buddy" Fishing Lure
SierraMetalDesign | Etsy | $16.95 +

38. Pregnancy Announcement Dog Bandana

Enlist the help of your fur baby in telling his skin-father that he’s going to be a daddy to a new baby human! Wrap this dog bandana around your dog’s neck and tell him to “go to daddy!”

Pregnancy announcement dog bandana
CaliforniaPaws | Etsy | $28.99

39. “Daddy, King of Husbands” Beer Label

Rather than buying a whole six-pack of labels mentioned earlier, you can buy this one, “Daddy, King of Husbands,” easy-to-apply pregnancy announcement beer label. This beer label is a lookalike of his favorite brand. The next time you bring him a beer, bring him one with this new “label” attached and wait for him to notice!

"Daddy, King of Husbands" Beer Label
ElleeDees | Etsy | $6.25

40. “Big Sister” Book

This Big Sister book is a precious way for your family to share in the joy. When it’s bedtime for your son or daughter, grab this book and ask your husband to read it. Both your husband and your daughter will be so amazed! (Now that I think about it, this may not be the best idea right before bedtime).

"Big Sister" Book
ISeeMeBooksUS | Etsy | $29.99

41. Engraved “New Music Buddy” Guitar Pick

This personalized “New Music Buddy” guitar pick is a great idea for the musician husband in your life. Tell him you got him a new guitar pick and hand him a small wrapped gift box with the pick inside. Or, next time he’s shredding away on Stairway to Heaven, walk up and hand him this personalized guitar pick and say, “This should help.”

Engraved "New Music Buddy" Guitar Pick
SierraMetalDesign | Etsy | $11.95

42. “We’re Pregnant” Hidden Message Plate

This hidden message plate is a great way to surprise your husband! Offer to cook dinner one night and use this pregnancy announcement plate instead of your normal cutlery. When he’s done eating, he’ll see the message, “We’re Pregnant,” clear as day. Make sure he swallows before he does his spit take.

"We’re Pregnant" Hidden Message Plate
CheersByJessica | Etsy | $22.99

43. Replace His Drink With a Baby Bottle

Next time you guys Netflix and chill (let’s be honest, if you’re married, it’s just Netflixing), offer to grab him a beverage. When you bring back said beverage, put it in a baby bottle instead! Be prepared for a strange look followed instantly by a look of pure joy (or fear).

44. “Coming Soon” Frame for Ultrasound Image

This pregnancy picture frame fits 5″ x 7″ images. The top of the frame says, “Coming Soon,” and the bottom says, “10 little fingers. 10 little toes. 2 little eyes. 1 little nose.” So adorable!

"Coming Soon" Frame for Ultrasound
WallFrogGraphics | Etsy | $17.47

45. Box of Donuts Pregnancy Announcement Sticker

This is a cheap but ingenious way to tell him the news. This Etsy store sells a digital download that you print yourself and tape to the inside flap of a box of donuts. Run to your local donut shop, snag a baker’s dozen, and set them on the counter. And then wait in the other room till you hear him scream.

Box of Donuts Pregnancy Announcement Sticker
BlessOurLittles | Etsy | $4.00

46. “Promoted to Daddy” Keychain

This “Promoted to Daddy Keychain” is another great, inexpensive way to reveal to your husband that he’s going to be a new father. The best way to give this to him is to replace his current keychain with this new one and wait for him to notice.

"Promoted to Daddy" Keychain
CustomGiantGifts | Etsy | $49.95

47. Personalized “Daddy” Watch

This personalized watch will be a keepsake for years to come. Inexpensive and sharp looking, he’ll be sure to wear this with pride as long as he can. The underside of the watch can be personalized to say whatever you’d like.

Personalized "You're Going to be a Daddy" Watch
GreatGiftWorld | Etsy | $9.99

48. Wrap the Pregnancy Test as a Gift

If it’s Christmas or his Birthday, that’ll be super easy to pull off. If it’s neither, then tell him you bought him something “just because.” When he opens it, you can tell him, “You’re going to be a father, sweety.” It’s melting my man-heart even thinking about this.

49. Personalized Engraved Pocket Knife

Guys love knives. While not the most romantic gesture, it’ll still mean a lot to the handsy handy husband in your life. You can wrap this engraved pregnancy announcement pocket knife and place it in his toolbox (make sure he uses his tools often, or it might get overlooked)!

Personalized Engraved Pocket Knife
GoldenGator | Etsy | $29.90

50. Pregnancy Countdown Blocks

These pregnancy countdown blocks make a great dining table centerpiece for the next 9 months! When your husband is out of the house, set this up on the table. When he gets back, wait for his surprise! You can then move these to another area of the house and update them each day!

Pregnancy countdown blocks
AshtonAndAshley | Etsy | $21.99

51. Write a Message on the Mirror

Wait till he’s fallen asleep and then using whatever makeup you have on hand (lipstick? I’m a guy.) write on his mirror, “You’re gonna be a dad.” You don’t need to set the alarm because you’ll be woken up by his cries of joy (or terror) first thing in the morning.

52. Photo Booth Surprise

Plan an outing to the mall and make sure it has one of those photo booths you used to make out in. Bring a little handmade sign with you that says, “I’m pregnant!” Once you guys start posing for the photos, hold up this little sign and wait for him to notice.

53. Engraved 50 Caliber Bullet (no gunpowder)

Announce your pregnancy like no one else. This is a real 50 caliber bullet but has no gunpowder or live primer, so it’s completely safe. Customize the text to read anything you want or keep it as “You Hit The Target.” This a great idea if your husband is a veteran. You can choose an optional and customizable wooden box at checkout.

Engraved 50 Caliber Bullet pregnancy announcement (no gunpowder)
BrassHoncho | Etsy | $28.99

54. Custom Golf Balls

These precious golf balls come with either a blue or pink imprint that reads, “Can’t wait to meet you, Daddy.” If your husband is an avid golfer, then these golf balls are a great way to reveal to him that you’re expecting. Either gift these to him or replace his existing balls and wait for a phone call from the 1st hole.

Custom Golf Balls
NowThatsPersonal | Etsy | $19.95

55. Harry Potter Pregnancy Reveal Daily Prophet

Do you and your husband love all things, Harry Potter? This Daily Prophet newspaper is available as 3 different digital downloads that you print on card stock.

  • Version 1: He/she who must be named
  • Version 2: She who must be named
  • Version 3: He who must be named

A truly magical way to let your husband know you’re having a little witch or wizard! (no muggles allowed)!

Harry Potter Pregnancy Reveal Daily Prophet
ChanaDawnDesigns | Etsy | $5

56. Harry Potter Pregnancy Announcement Marauders Map

Don’t want to go the Daily Prophet route but still want to do a Harry Potter-themed pregnancy reveal? This Marauders Map is fantastic. The inside of the map shows the baby’s footprints in the nursery, Dad in the kitchen, and Mom in the snack closet! You download this file yourself and print on 11 x 17 (2 sided) and fold—a wonderful DIY pregnancy announcement idea.

Harry Potter Pregnancy Announcement Marauders Map
ChanaDawnDesigns | Etsy | $5

57. Pregnancy Announcement Gerber® Onesie

This adorable pregnancy announcement onesie reads, “Hi Daddy, I can’t wait to meet you.” This onesie comes in a gift box along with a card insert that reads:

“The only thing better than having you as my husband will be our baby having you as a DAD.”

Available in multiple colors and printed on premium Gerber® onesies.

Pregnancy Announcement Gerber® Onesie
CatherineAndAsh | Etsy | $20.95

58. “Another Nut to Our Tree” Baby Announcement Keepsake

This real acorn keepsake comes in a gift box and has a message on the inside flap that reads, “You’re going to be a Dad! [Insert Date].” The acorn comes attached to an insert that reads, “We’re adding another acorn to our tree.” A precious gift that can be transformed into a DIY Christmas ornament so you can remember this moment year after year!

"Another Nut to Our Tree" baby announcement keepsake
Petite25 | Etsy | $10

59. “Daddy’s New Helper” Engraved Hammer

Is there any cuter way to announce to the man in your life that he’s going to be a Dad? He’ll LOVE this personalized hammer. You can choose to have both sides engraved at checkout, and you can have it say whatever you’d like (as long as you do it in 45-50 characters).

Pregnancy announcement for husband engraved on hammer
AllAboutImpressions | Etsy | $26.95


While this highly-curated list of ways to announce to your husband you’re pregnant is an exhaustive list of ideas, there are plenty more super creative ideas. Click the button below to find even more ideas:

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