21 Undeniable Signs a Male Coworker Likes You

You know that guy at work? The one who is always hanging around your desk, flirting with you, and gazing deeply into your eyes? Yes, that one. If you’re pretty sure but not completely sure he has a crush on you, then let this list be your guide.

21 undeniable signs your male coworker likes you

Here are 25 undeniable signs a male coworker likes you.

1. He flirts with you, A LOT

If your male work friend is flirting with you it’s a dead giveaway that he likes you.

Here are signs that a guy is flirting with you:

  • He teases you
  • He brings up your inside jokes
  • His body language changes
  • He keeps eye contact with you

If he’s flirting with you because he wants you. If you’re flirting back…well…it’s time to make a choice!

2. He always sits close to you in meetings

21 undeniable signs a male coworker likes you

Men want to be close to things they like.

Think back to middle school. Remember your crush? Remember how you’d strategically choose your seat in the cafeteria so that you could stare at him? Your guy friend at work is doing the same thing.

And it’s an unmistakable sign that he has feelings for you.

So, next time you guys are in a meeting together, see if he sits next to you or directly across from you. If he does, it’s because he wants to undress you with his eyes constantly.

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3. He’s interested in your life outside of work

Making small talk at work is normal (and boring).

But if he’s continuing the conversation by asking more questions about what you did over the weekend, he likes you! Some “more than a friend” type questions:

  • How’s your sister enjoying her semester in Spain? (he remembers details)
  • Do you think Jim and Pam are still married? (he likes The Office)
  • How much can you bench? (he’s teasing you)

He’s asking these questions because he doesn’t want to leave your presence. That simple.

4. He interacts with your social media

If he’s suddenly liking all your posts, and especially any really OLD posts, it means he can’t get enough of you.

While it’s perfectly normal for family and friends to follow you on social media and like your posts, it’s slightly odd for those people to like every photo in your feed. 

If he leaves funny comments on your posts, he’s trying to make you laugh (humor is the key to a woman’s heart).

And it’s one of the surefire signs your colleague likes you. 

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5. His body language changes when he talks to you

His body speaks volumes.

And you don’t have to be an expert to see the signs. Subtle body language signs that show he’s attracted to you:

  • He’s standing tall with his shoulders back 
  • He touches his lips or face when he talks to you 
  • He’s mirroring your body language
  • He’s staring into your eyes

If he’s doing at least 3 of these things every time he talks with you, then he’s open to a relationship with you (and is actively thinking about it).

6. There’s intense sexual tension with him

Every word exchanged between the two of you is dripping with sexual tension. 

The vibes between you are so thick you could cut them with a knife. When he talks to you, you see his eyes travel down to your chest. You catch him stealing glances at your butt when you bend down to pick up your phone.

If things are this intense with him, then it’s not only a sign he likes you, but it’s also a sign that you like him.

7. He brings you coffee

You like a ridiculous amount of French Vanilla creamer in your coffee, and he knows it.

You’re in the midst of the 2 o’clock slump at work, and suddenly your male colleague appears out of nowhere, just like Dobby (he’s a good elf!!), with your coffee, precisely how you like it.

He sets the drink down, winks at you, and turns to leave. As he walks away, you take an extra-long look glance at his firm, muscular ass.

signs a male coworker likes you
Your male colleague has a great ass.

Now sip your coffee and daydream about what you’d do to him when you get your hands on him. That excel spreadsheet can wait a few more moments. 

8. He gets worried if you talk about a career change

You’ve been working on your Master’s degree part time. Get it, girl.

And when you mention to him that you’ve gotten a job offer with a higher salary in a better position, he gets noticeably sad. 

While he might congratulate you for your success and outwardly say he’s really proud of you and happy for you, deep inside, he’s terrified of never seeing you again.

It’s because he’s got strong feelings for you, silly.

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9. He gets jealous when you talk about other guys

He wants to be the center of your attention.

Because basking in your glow is the only sunshine he needs.

If you’re bringing up other guys in conversation and notice his body language changes, or he tries to change the subject, these are both signs that he’s jealous of those other guys.

While too much jealousy is terrible, a little bit of jealousy is a healthy indicator of attraction. 

10. He takes your side on work issues

You voice your opinion in a work meeting.

Your “Boomer” boss interrupts you to tell you why you’re wrong. Your work husband speaks up and says, “I actually agree with her on this.”

Or you sit next to that one coworker who is the office “loud chewer.” You complain to your work friend about it, and he agrees and tells you how disgusting it is.

He’s validating your feelings and standing up for you because he wants you to know that he supports you.

When he shows publicly (in meetings) that he’s got your back and supports your judgment of Chewy Chewerson, you’re more than just a coworker to him.

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11. He can’t take his eyes off you

21 undeniable signs a male coworker likes you
Hey girl…

Pupils don’t lie (Shakira…Shakira).

The eyes are the keys to the soul. And in this case, your eyes are the key to a lot more. (you know what I mean).

Have you noticed him staring at you? Have you caught him stealing glances at your body? 

You’re telling him what you and your girlfriends did over the weekend, and he doesn’t break eye contact with you—the whole time.

Ladies, this is a major clue that he’s attracted to you!

12. He’s begun to take better care of his appearance

You can’t put your finger on it…but what you DO know is he is looking GOOD.

  • Better hygiene
  • Fantastic haircut
  • Smells amazing
  • Great style

Regardless of the dress code, if you’ve noticed your male colleague taking better care of his appearance, there’s a reason. And that reason could be you. 

How you look on the outside is a direct reflection of how you feel on the inside. If he’s suddenly looking better, it’s because he’s feeling better–around you.

13. His friends tease him around you

His work buddies are his wingmen.

His friends will bring attention to him by teasing him in front of you.

This is how guys lift each other up in front of the opposite sex. They’re showing you that he’s an accepted member of the tribe.

If he can take the heat (and they know he can, or they wouldn’t be doing it in front of you), it makes him look like an alpha male.

Caveman shit, right there.

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14. He tries to solve problems for you at work

The monitor at your cubicle has one of those annoying black lines going through it.

You complain about it to him and he tells you he’ll take care of it. A short while later he hand delivers a brand new monitor.

You’re fully capable of doing all of this yourself. 

But the fact that he’s stepping in to try to solve these problems for you it’s a sign he’s attracted to you.

Men are hard-wired to be problem solvers and providers. If he’s solving problems for you it’s because he sees you as a potential mate. Yes, sex.  

15. He compliments you in front of coworkers

“Damn Gina, you did such a good job on that one thing you did.” 

If he goes out of his way to compliment you when your coworkers are within earshot, then he likes you—a lot.

Guys don’t compliment unless they mean it. So if a male work friend compliments you in front of other coworkers, he definitely has feelings for you. 

16. He changes things so he can be closer to you

You come in for your shift, and guess who’s there? That’s right, that hot guy from work. Or maybe you work in an office environment, and when there’s an opportunity to switch cubicles and he jumps at the chance to move his closer to yours.

This can be borderline creepy, depending on how he goes about it. Just keep an eye out. If he’s making major moves to be closer to you, then it’s a not-so-subtle hint that he has feelings for you.

17. He’s always eager to help you with things

You’re overwhelmed with the amount of work you have to do.

You’ve been in meetings all day, and you haven’t had time to get any of your actual work done. That’s when this guy steps in. He sees you’re stressed and offers to take some of your workload.

If he’s helping you with things, it’s because he wants to be your hero and rescue you from your stress. Men love to be heroes. It’s a deep, powerful instinct. You can learn more about the Hero Instinct here.

He’s your Superman and you’re his Lois Lane.

18. He lowers the tone of his voice

Nervous, beta males talk rapidly and with a higher-pitch voice.

If he’s lowering his voice when he talks to you, he’s exhibiting alpha male behavior. A deep voice conveys power and sexual prowess.

Strong, attractive men make slow, deliberate movements and speak in calm, deep tones. So if he’s beginning to sound like Luther Vandross, he’s showing off.

Guess where else he’s hoping you’ll hear his deep voice? Yes. Your bedroom.

19. Your work friends tell you that he likes you

21 undeniable signs a male coworker likes you
Listen to Maddie and Gabby.

Your friends might even know before you do.

If you’re clueless about the signs that your work friend likes you, trust me when I say that your colleagues aren’t.

Say he comes by and brings you a coffee, tells you a joke, and then heads back to his desk. Your cubicle neighbor leans back in her chair and winks at you. She knows.

If you’re not sure how he feels, just ask your close work friend and she’ll tell you.

20. He defends you in front of colleagues

This is more than just taking your side or offering friendly support.

If one of your coworkers criticizes you in front of other team members, and he steps up to defend you, he LIKES YOU.

I mentioned earlier how men want to be your Hero. This is part of that. Defending you in front of others. He’s defending you because you’re someone he values and wants to protect.

So next time that guy from work sticks up for you, realize that he’s got genuine feelings for you.

21. He asks you out on a date

21 undeniable signs a male coworker likes you

I don’t even need to write anything here.

This is an obvious sign that the guy from work likes you.

If your male friend at work asks you out for drinks, it’s pretty clear that he wants to get out of the friend zone as quickly as possible!

Conclusion: Now what?

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