Twin Flame Definition

Twin Flame Definition: What is a Twin Flame?

A twin flame is someone who shares a soul 50/50 with one other person. A twin flame is one soul split into two bodies. While there may be numerous people who you could call your soulmate, you’ll only ever have one twin flame.

Since your soul is shared evenly with this person, you can only have one twin flame. Twin flames are sometimes referred to as “mirror souls.”

Key Takeaways

  • A twin flame is someone you share a soul 50/50 with.
  • Twin flames have a more powerful connection than soulmates.
  • Your soul (flame) is only shared with one person, hence the term twin flame.
  • Twin flames are sometimes known as “mirror souls.”

Understanding Twin Flames

1. Twin flames aren’t necessarily romantic with each other

A soulmate is someone you have a romantic, intense relationship with. But this isn’t the case necessarily for twin flames. Your twin flame could be your best friend, one of your family members, or just someone you’re extremely close to.

2. Twin Flames exist to help you grow.

What is the purpose of a twin flame? Many believe that a twin flame’s ultimate purpose is to teach you and help you grow. They don’t teach you directly but rather through shared experiences. They also exist to help you heal.

3. Twin Flame relationships aren’t always smooth sailing

Twin flame relationships don’t always last forever. Twin Flames may come in and out of your life for various reasons. Once you’ve healed or learned what you needed to learn (or vice versa), you may both move on.

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