Why Is He Ignoring Me Now I Thought He Liked Me? 14 Surprising Reasons

He’s ghosted you, and you have no idea why. Was it something you did or said? In this article, I’ll answer the question that women have been asking since the beginning of time, “Why Is He Ignoring Me Now I Thought He Liked Me?

In this Article:

1. He doesn’t realize he’s ignoring you

I’m a man. And as a man, I can say with complete authority that we’re idiots. We don’t pick up on social cues that other people (women) do.

With that being said, he may not realize he’s ignoring you. And it’s not his intent to ignore you. To him, he’s responding to your texts in a considerate amount of time.

Some men need things spelled out. So tell him: “Babe, I feel ignored. Why aren’t you responding to my texts?” He’ll answer you. And if he doesn’t, it’s time to make a decision about your relationship.

2. Things are moving too fast

Am I happy in my relationship quiz

Things got physical way too quickly.

There’s an unfortunate dynamic between men and women that has existed since the dawn of time: Men place a higher value on women who make them wait for intimacy.

That’s why you’ve heard the phrase: “Don’t sleep with him until the third date.

Ask yourself these questions and be honest:

  1. Did you go into this looking for a long-term relationship?
  2. Were you both originally just interested in hooking up?
  3. What are both of your guys’ expectations?

If the relationship started as a purely physical one, and he’s started to ignore your texts, it’s because he’s sending a clear message that he doesn’t want to take things any further.

It has nothing to do with you.

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3. He doesn’t care anymore

He’s lost interest. And he’s not considerate enough to end things like decent human.

This isn’t a reflection on you. It’s a reflection of his character. If he were more considerate, he’d tell you he wasn’t interested anymore, rather than ignoring you.

Ignoring you is the easy way out for him. For you, it’s a nightmare because you’re sitting there wondering what happened.

I’m guilty of this, myself. When I was younger, I was dating a girl, and I’d lost interest after a few weeks. Rather than texting or calling her or meeting up in person, I just ignored her until she got the message. Years later, after nagging guilt finally got the best of me, I reached out to her and sent her an authentic, deep apology.

So if the guy you’ve been seeing is suddenly ignoring you, it could mean he doesn’t care about you anymore.

4. He’s insecure

The text messages between you two are drenched in sexual tension. But they’ve suddenly stopped cold. Why?

He might be insecure. He’s great at flirting, but he’s bad at sealing the deal. His flirting game may be on-point. But when it comes time to ask you if you want to take it further, he’s terrified.

If you like this guy, try making the first move. Text him a dirty picture along with your address and a text that says:

“What are you waiting for?”

5. He needs alone time

What Does It Mean When a Guy Says He Needs Time_2

Men need space to recharge. If you’re wondering, why is he ignoring me now I thought he liked me; the reason might be that he needs to step away for a bit.

Yes, there are better ways to communicate. Ideally, he’d send you a text telling you that he’s taking a few days for an “electronics detox.” But not all men are emotionally evolved enough to consider this.

In the past, men would leave the tribe and go out in the woods to spend time alone, gather their thoughts, and troubleshoot problems. The same is true today, though it’s much harder to do when we’re always connected.

All this said It’s not okay for him to start ignoring you all of a sudden. I’m simply seeking to explain that he might be ignoring you because he needs alone time and is too scared to tell you.

6. He’s stressed

He’s dealing with work or family issues and has put everything else on the back burner, including you. Not out of spite or anger, but rather for self-preservation. When men are stressed, they often shut everything else out in the world and focus solely on fixing the issue at hand.

  • That might mean staying up all night to finish that work project.
  • It may mean flying to Boston to see his mom, who’s in the emergency room.

Needless to say, if you feel like he’s suddenly ignoring you, it might be because something extremely stressful has happened, and he’s in survival mode. If this is the case, you’ll find out soon enough.

7. He doesn’t want a relationship

He only wants to hook up, and you want more. Maybe this thing started with both of you on the same page. Hook-ups only. But after a while, you started developing feelings for him.

You began texting him more. You began spending more time together.

The reality is, he may not be interested in a relationship. If he’s just in this for the physical aspect of things (which is completely fair), but you want more, he’ll pick up on those vibes and will pull away.

You’re not wrong for wanting more. No one is to blame in this scenario. He can’t force you to change and vice versa.

8. He’s seeing someone else

Why Is He Ignoring Me Now I Thought He Liked Me

He’s got another woman on his mind. If he’s suddenly ignoring you, he may have moved on to someone else.

Like most answers in this blog post, you’ll only find out the truth if you ask him. If things between you two were moving along great, and you both liked each other, but things stopped, something has changed.

It’s possible that all he ever wanted was a physical relationship, and now that he’s gotten that from you, he’s moved on. That said, it’s rude and hurtful for him to ghost you suddenly.

To emphasize: This has NOTHING to do with you. You did nothing wrong. This is on him.

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9. Are you sure he’s ignoring you?

How sure are you that he’s ignoring you? Has communication between you two completely dropped off, or has it just slowed down? As a relationship progresses, the wider the time-gap becomes between communication. This is normal.

We’re used to certain communication patterns in our relationships. And when those patterns shift or change, they can be relationship red flags (but not always).

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What are your expectations for communication from him?
  2. Do you have a history of being paranoid about these things?
  3. Do you tend to be clingy?

If you’ve noticed a slow drop-off in communication, this could mean that the honeymoon phase is over.

And you might just be being paranoid.

10. You put him on a pedestal

Why Is He Ignoring Me Now I Thought He Liked Me

When you put him on a pedestal, he may begin to think, “Maybe I can do better.”

When you put him on a pedestal, you inflate his ego. He’ll begin to feel that they can get away with any bad behavior, including demeaning behavior such as ignoring you.  

When you put him on a pedestal, it also reveals to him that you’ve got a fear of rejection, so you’re making him feel like he’s your whole world.

He’ll be able to tell that you’re seeking the following:

  • Acceptance
  • Validation
  • Approval
  • To be liked

The reality is, it’s not his responsibility to provide those things for you. And he’s pulling away because he doesn’t want to be responsible for your self-confidence or happiness.

Instead, if you come to the table already KNOWING your self-worth, he’s much more likely to stick around, treat you as a high-value partner, and be invested in your life.

Why Is He Ignoring Me Now I Thought He Liked Me

11. He’s heard rumors about you

Is there a nasty rumor about you making the rounds? Do you know his friends, or have you dated one of his acquaintances? Believe it or not, a nasty rumor about you, true or false, might be the reason why he’s ignoring you.

  • Maybe he heard through the grapevine that you had an STI.
  • Maybe he’s heard from someone that you’re crazy.
  • Maybe he’s heard that you’re clingy.

While none of those things are true, the rumors have done their damage.

If rumors are the reason why he’s pulling away, you’re better off without him. A good person will ignore gossip and rumors. It’s time to move on from this guy, ladies.

12. You’re not a challenge anymore

You had some flirty banter at the bar, and you gave him your number. He goes back to his guy friends, and they all high-five him. Why? Men love a challenge. And men love small successes. Men love to work for things.

He’s spending all his time and using all his tricks to get you to be with him. And once he “gets” you, the challenge is over.

Think about it for a minute. How good does it feel to be chased? To be wanted? It’s an ego-boost, for sure. When a guy shows his interest in you and asks for your number, you feel great. You feel excited.

But what happens once you’ve both gotten what you want? The challenge is over. And once the challenge is over, and he’s gotten what he wanted, he’s done.

This is why he acted like he liked you and is now ignoring you.

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13. He thinks you’re too good for him

Why Is He Ignoring Me Now I Thought He Liked Me

He thinks you’re out of his league. He DOES like you. But he doesn’t have the confidence to move things forward.

We’ve all seen stunning women with unattractive boyfriends. But that unattractive boyfriend has the personality and confidence of a god.

After spending some time with you, he’s seen how much you’ve got your shit together. You don’t have any credit card debt. You’ve got your own apartment or house. You don’t have any family drama. You’re beautiful. You take good care of yourself. You should be proud!

While all these things attract you to him in the first place, they’re also qualities that he doesn’t feel he can match. And he’s insecure about it.

This is a reflection on him. Not you. Keep on succeeding, girl.

14. You’re seeking approval from him

Most men are attracted to women with self-confidence. If you’re seeking approval from him, then this could be why the guy you thought liked you is suddenly ignoring you.

You seeking approval from him doesn’t need to be in the form of words. Suppose you act unsure of yourself around him. Or you are quick to agree with him when he offers a different opinion; it shows that you care too much about what he thinks of you.

Approval seeking is an attraction killer.


Why Is He Ignoring Me Now I Thought He Liked Me

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